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'AE Group' is
a family

You have probably never worked with a company like us before. We keep our clients as close as we can and we even contact them often, not just as clients but also as people who we care for. We have created a healthy and friendly ecosystem where everyone that has ever worked with us can vouch for. Also, we base our findings on the most important thing, data, which means that every move we make has been ensured beforehand.



We keep our work professional and we really care about the work we do. It’s our passion and we do it with the pure joy of our heart.



We love traditional, it’s where the roots are. But we also aim to be more futuristic by staying on track with the newest technologies and methods  on the market.



All the work that we do would go down if we weren’t friendly with our clients. By being able to create a symbiotic relationship with our client, our work will always succeed.

“The best marketing doesn't feel like marketing.”

Tom Fishburne, Founder & CEO, Marketoonist

remember the past

Since 2017

What we achieved to understand during the digital transformation in the world, was that we are able to help other people across the world with our skill sets and services we offer, regarding the location.

communication is key

How we start

How We Work - AE GROUP

making a start

We would like you to make the first step by contacting us. You can fill the forms or can contact us via the options in the ‘Contact Us’ page. We will make sure we have understood the message and will reach back as fast as possible.

On our first conference call we will discuss what we are working on, different vectors on which we can approach ‘the problem’ and will find suitable solutions for you. We will create a strategy for you based on your own budget, and we will put everything on the table. If you like what is being shown to you, the only thing left for us is to start working. 

We are ready for the journey, make sure you are too.

get to know each other

We will hop on a conference call where we will show you what we can do for you as our client and will learn more about how you and your brand functions.

understanding your Goals

We can chat all day, but if we do not understand what you want to achieve we will be of no help. We will give our best to align both of our interests.

Executing Action

As soon as we are ready to work, we will make sure you start seeing results within the first 24 hours. You will see that we talk the talk and walk the walk.
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We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

We are fully invested in everyone that we work with. And, if an advice is ever needed, we will be there, ready to help.

what do you need?

we cover
all digital aspects

We are not just a normal company, we offer almost every digital service available on the internet. Let us know what you need and we will provide you with it.

Content Creation

We will help you create the best content for your brand with our amazing ideas.

Digital Marketing

We will use digital ads on different platforms to make your brand seen in every location you aspire.

Social Media

We will help you create and optimize your presence on every social media platform that exists.

Platform Traffic

Numbers matter, and we are able to deliver gigantic amounts of traffic to tha platforms where you are featured.

Website Development

A website makes you and your brand seem more professional, and will help you land more people to what you do. Simply, it's mandatory and we create the best ones.

Design Solutions

Our team of great graphic designers will help to visualise your ideas.

Brand Management

We will manage your brand every step of the way so it succeeds one hundred percent.

Business Consulting

If you thing your business is not on the right track, contact us and we will help you in the best way we can.

our team of experts are here for you

Every member will give the maximum to be helpful in every project we take in. Get to know the team by pressing the button below.

important things you should know

Questions And Answers

We have succeeded in every case, none of our cases has ever been a failure

With our strategy, our skills and expertise, you will win. That is a for sure thing.

You will get hard work from us, but we also need you to work on your end in order for the whole strategy to be successful.

Currently we do not have free services except the first call that will be free and you will not be charged for it.

Our team members are online 24/7 since we all are on different timezones. So, yes, feel free to contact us whenever you see fit.

Of course, with just a short 15-minute call, we will figure out the problem together and will start working immediately on solutions we can offer.

We actually are. We believe that when the team expands, we are able to be much more efficient with the work we do.

That is a thing we do not know. But if you think we may be of help, schedule a call with us and we will start working on a solution right away.